Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sleeping Fabulously

So about a month ago I had an eye issue, self inflicted contact over-wearing. When will I ever learn? Anyway, my eyes were super light sensitive so I invested in a cheap but incredibly necessary sleep mask until my eyes were better. To my surprise, I have come to fall in absolute love with the sleep mask! It blocks the street lights from the double doors in our bedroom not to mention it makes me feel all retro glam like Holly Golightly. However, now that I've come to terms with my love affair with the sleep mask, I think its time to invest in something that actually looks the part. My current CVS brand is a little less Carrie Bradshaw and a little more Batman. Clearly not a long term solution.

Mimi Al A Mode sells one of the masks worn by Carrie Bradshaw. I like the cute little ruffle. Mary Green's sleep masks have been worn on Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives...not to mention, she carries the Holly Golightly mask!

Seems I have some decisions to make. If you've never tried a sleep mask, it just might be your new favorite thing. If it's good enough for Audrey...

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