Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our New Office

We just moved into our new office space a few months ago. As promised, here's a few pics.
Several of the conference rooms have colored glass, this one being yellow.
We have Wii hooked up to the TVs, so there is serious competition going on when the brain needs a rest.


These treadmills are pretty swank. You can hook your laptop to the docking station and get some exercise while working. They only go a few miles an hour, but a brisk walk is better than being stationary all day!
With all the modern furniture and decor, I think these salvaged doors are a nice touch.

These chairs make my day.
These are our "hugs". I guess hug sounds better than cubicle. These are the same as our other office, but I like them.

These little rooms are nice if you need to duck in for a quick conference call.
Not a bad view.

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