Friday, November 6, 2009

Hamlet + Jude Law

Last Friday we were fortunate enough to see Jude Law on Broadway in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Jude law was dynamite! Absolutely blew my expectations away. He commanded the stage like few performers I've ever seen. He was captivating.

I've seen a number of his Hollywood movies, most of which I've really enjoyed, but his acting talent does not translate to the screen nearly like it does on stage. He gave quite a performance.
The set was great, very minimal, but the slight changes from scene to scene really provided a nice backdrop.

I enjoyed the wardrobe (minus one character which I will reference shortly). The clothes seemed modern, but were classic styles in muted tones and could translate to a multitude of time periods. Think basics; pants, blazers, scarves, pocketed coats...plum, gray, charcoal, brown, black...think J.Crew.
As great as I felt all the clothes were, the one character's wardrobe I was least impressed with, Hamlet's mother. In the opening scene the Queen wore a beautiful long silk skirt and wrap blouse. Very glamorous, very queen-esque. However, the remainder of the performance they had her changing in and out of these Hillary Clinton looking pantsuits. Not impressive. Just didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the actors' time transcending ensembles. The Queen in a blah pantsuit? Not even Katherine Hepburn could have pulled it off...and if anyone can pull off a pantsuit...well, you know.

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