Monday, November 23, 2009

Indianapolis + Chicago the Musical

If you blinked you missed it. Chicago the Musical stopped in town for only three days in the midst of their US tour. We saw it over the weekend and it was FABULOUS! Scantily clad, mischievous, criminal...just as it should be.

Carol Woods played...the keeper of the keys, the countess of the clink, the mistress of murderer's row, Matron Mama Morton. She was fantastic. When you're good to Mama, and Mama's good to you! Woods, along with Timothy T. Mitchum sang Let it Be from Across the Universe (The 2007 film that incorporates 33 compositions originally written by members of the Beatles). What a memorable performance that was...Carol Woods and a gospel choir singing the Beatles....whoa Mama. Watch it here.

The performers did Bob Fosse proud (not to mention Jillian Michaels from the looks of their washboard abs) I just loved it.
Jazz hands all around!

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