Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things Making Me Happy Right Now

Rose Ring - I have been wearing this for weeks now and I just love it. I get more comments on this ring. I think the fact that fits on two fingers ... I don't know it seems to perplex people.

Niesen Envelope Handbag - I feel this is a quintessential spring / summer purse. However the fact that its freezing ... I've hardly gotten to carry it. I like the pretty strap which can also be removed so the bag can be carried as a clutch. Possibilities, possibilities ... now if only the weather will get warm.

Nars Schiap Lipstick - YOWZA! This lippie is whoa-pink. If you want to make a statement with pink lipstick ... which I did ... all weekend ... then this is the way to go. This is so much fun for spring and summer and it makes me very happy (which is why its on the list).

Tocca Solid Perfume - I have become a huge proponent for solid perfume. These little pots are so awesome for throwing in your purse and dabbing on. As much as we travel, they are a necessity. One of my most favorite perfumes is Tocca Brigitte (which I wear all the time), however this Tocca Stella has been a fun way to mix it up.

New Sandals - Dear Shoes, You are beautiful and funky and I adore you. You make me really happy sitting in my closet. However, this relationship is going to the next level once the weather gets warm.

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