Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Portland, Maine

Portland was a ton of fun. Its a really cute quaint little town ... very conducive for walking around, visiting shops and galleries, snacking, and stopping frequently for a pint!

This was a fantastic restaurant where we went for our dinner out. Very rustic and organic and fresh. Lots of fresh hanging herbs, exposed brick and wooden beams. There is a huge impeccable Jamie Oliver looking kitchen in the room where we were seated. The kitchen has a big wooden farm table in the middle where they do their prep work. Very cool. We could essentially see the chefs making our dinner. We ordered grilled lobster over scampi and linguine which was served directly in the frying pan they prepared it in. Absolutely delicious.

Tons of shops. We stopped and got kettle corn and s'more popcorn. yum.

The majority of the side streets are all old cobblestone.

A very fun day and a nice weekend getaway.

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  1. OK you have to friend me on twitter @rustednuggs

    Brownsburg rules!

    Nice pics!


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