Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I've decided I need a clever way to organize necklaces and some of my jewelry. I feel I've been accumulating some cool necklaces, but the way they're currently organized, flat in a drawer, is just not really optimal. These shallow wall cabinets may be a fun solution. I like the look of these above and below (found on Ebay). They seem one of a kind and very different than anything else we have. I like the idea of the cabinet hanging on the wall in an unexpected place like a stand alone piece of art, but concealing what's inside like a little treasure box. I particularly like the idea of a ornate key or knob or tassel to open it up making it extra special.

In order to hang necklaces, I may need to remove any shelves or dividers inside. My thought is to use whimsical hardware from Anthropologie as necklace hooks.

1. Glass Melon Knob
2. Tweet Knob
3. Button Knob
4. Notched Glass Knob
5. Zinnia Knob
6. Birdwatcher Knob

Above and below is another Ebay find. This cabinet would be more like a display rather than a hidden treasure box. What's your vote?

So, the plan is to keep on the lookout for just the right cabinet.

How do you organize your jewelry?

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