Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things Making Me Happy Right Now

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick, British Red - I like mixing it up with this fun red. Its got a funky splash of orange to it that perks me right up. These L'Oreal lipsticks wear really well and don't smear around ... a must when wearing red!

[Side note: Since I wear red lipstick a lot, and have for years, I often get asked how to prevent getting lipstick on your teeth. So here's the trick ... I think I learned this on Oprah in the 90's / recant / momma says this is a tip from her! ... Form an O shape with your mouth. Using your index finger, stick it in your mouth, close your lips around your finger and pull your finger out. This will remove the excess lipstick from the inside of your lips that would have ended up on your teeth . Voila.]

Gucci Guilty - I can't stop smelling my wrists. I like this new perfume with its citrus and floral notes and a dash of patchouli. Notes: Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Peach, Lilac, Geranium, Amber, Patchouli. Loving it.

Pinkberry's Seasonal Flavor, Blood Orange - I love Pinkberry. I really love it. A mini Pinkberry is only 100 calories which makes it even better. Their current seasonal flavor is blood orange which is sweet and tart and amazingly refreshing. Yum yum.

Aldo Nalini Bone Pump - I think these may be my spring/summer neutral pumps. I like the peep toe, the "wood" look on the heel and I think its a good nude for my skin tone. More to come on this, but we may have a winner.

House of Harlow Key Cocktail Ring - House of Harlow is Nicole Richie's vintage inspired 1960 jewelry line. I'm in love with this and wearing it all the time.

Essie Mini Shorts Nail Laquer - What I'm wearing and loving right now.

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  1. Pink Berry... they had pomegranate on tap when I visited NYC in 2009. Yummy in my tummy!


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