Monday, February 21, 2011

Things Making Me Happy Right Now

Sleep Mask - I love my little mask and its cute black ruffle. I've posted about the gloriousness of the sleep mask before [here]. However, its gotten to the point now where I can't sleep without it. I lay in bed and my mind reels and reels until I think ... wait why am I not sleeping ... where's the mask? Mask goes on and its zzzzip ... lights out. Oh I love it.

Sergio Rossi Caged Slingback Sandal - I am stalking these sandals. I think they are so adorable with their peep toe and little heel. I think they are so sweet for summer and would look darling with short shorts and a basic tee. The little straps make me think of wearing jellies in kindergarten. Why ... why are these shoes $200? I don't understand this. How can I make them not $200?

Grandma June's Locket Necklace - The last time I visited my grandmother's house I came across this locket in her jewelry box and promptly said, "Grandma, I'm taking this." I love this necklace. I feel I am wearing it a lot lately ... it goes with everything.

Quilted Chanel Handbag - I have to make myself carry something other than this purse. Otherwise I am carrying it all ... the ... time. No explanation needed. It rocks my socks.

Essie Licorice Nail Polish - What I'm wearing and loving right now.

Nars Cream Blush - I've never owned cream blush before ... always been pretty traditional with the ole powder blush. However, I love blush, so I thought what the heck. Its not nuclear fission, it's just blush and I'm having fun with it. Good choice.

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