Sunday, October 10, 2010

Key West: Hemingway House

A few photos from our tour of the Hemingway House in Key West.

The house was built in 1851 and became Ernest Hemingway's home in 1931. The house still contains the furniture that he and his family used.

The home has never been damaged in a tropical storm. It is strategically protected sitting on the highest point in Key West, not high at all, about 16 feet above sea level.

Hemingway's studio was originally a carriage house. He had his studio installed on the second floor. I loved seeing the furnished studio, the books, paintings, and the view over the property.

The pool at the Hemingway House was the first residential swimming pool built in Key West and at 65 feet long is still the largest. Although Hemingway planned the pool, his job as a war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War interrupted his plans and it was his wife Pauline who supervised construction during the winter of '37 - '38. When he returned, the total cost of the pool was $20,000. The story goes...At that point he took a penny out of his pocket, gave it to Pauline, and said laughingly, "Well, you might as well take my last cent." She inserted his "last cent" into the wet pavement and it can bee seen today.

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