Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

Ebay auctions
- I kind of forgot how much fun Ebay is. Last week, cooped up in the house, feeling like crap, and too exhausted to do anything productive, I got immense pleasure from bidding and outbidding and getting bargains on stuff I probably don't need. Case in point the deer figurine above ... actually I did need that because its totally awesome.

An organized closet - When we moved in to the apartment, it was an ordeal. It was all we could do just to find homes for things. I've recently done yet another purge of clothes and shoes from my closet ... two trash bags as a matter of fact. How in the heck did 2 trash bags of extra stuff fit in my little closet, that is the question. Things are so much more manageable now. In addition to the overall organization and purging, I have moved my shoes. Our closet has sliding doors which can make getting things in the corner of the closet (where the door doesn't slide) kind of tricky ... more than kind of, its a nuisance. For whatever reason, my shoe stand was in this corner. What a bad idea that was. This has been rectified and I think has shaved 10 minutes off of my getting ready time. Score.

My new black patent pumps - I love you. You go with everything. Where have you been all my life? xxoo

Snow - I don't have a yard to shovel. I don't have a car to drive. I live on the 47th floor. 10 feet of snow doesn't even phase me. When someone asks, "How much snow did you get?" I just look out my window and say, "No idea. Looks like a lot. Looks gorgeous!"

Bright pink nail polish - My nails say its spring.

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