Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taste of Tango + The Mass Ave Wine Shoppe

So we finally gave Taste of Tango a try. Although I've been wanting to go, we had heard "give it some time" from friends who went shortly after it opened. Its been over a year now and we were in the mood for something new...we're always in the mood for something we went Tuesday night. I was looking forward to checking out the menu, but since Devour Downtown was going on, they only provided us with the limited Devour menu.

I have to say, I wasn't all that impressed. The food was okay and the service started out pretty good but when a party of 15 showed up for Devour Downtown, the service dropped considerably. Dropped to the point of not only waiting a long time for our entrees, but being served cold coffee. Disappointing. Most disappointing was it took us 2 and a half hours to get out of there. A 2 and a half hour dinner is fine.....but on a Tuesday night it was a bit much. I'd be willing to give it a second try and order from the menu, but I don't think we'll necessarily be rushing back.

The highlight of the evening was prior to dinner. We stopped at the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe to pick up a few bottles before our dinner reservation. Mainly we were killing time. I really like the Wine Shoppe, a nice little addition to Mass Ave. Its a small shop, but they do a really nice job of carrying wines new to the States or wines from smaller family owned wineries. The highlight being most every wine in the shop is 10-16 dollars or so. You never have to worry about picking up a 50$ bottle of can pretty much pick anything you want and know the price is going to be incredibly reasonable. Anyway, they had a wine tasting getting ready to start while we were there. After grabbing a few bottles they asked us, "Are you here for the tasting?" We looked at each other and promptly answered "Sure!"

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