Friday, October 30, 2009

Grant vs. Draper

If you're taking your fashion queues from television, I hope you're watching MadMen. I just received this email from Brooks Brothers.
The Brooks Brothers Mad Men Edition Suit ($1,000; October) pays homage to AMC's hit show with a medium gray sharkskin suit designed by Janie Bryant, the Emmy-nominated costume designer for the show, and is modeled after Draper's and Sterling's wardrobes. (And who doesn't want to look like Draper or Sterling...or Joan, or Betty, or Jane?)
Features include a noticeably slim cut, diagonal pockets, narrower notch lapels, and side vents. Limited to just 250, the suit is made in a Brooks-owned factory in Massachusetts.
Classic Style.

I'm not sure Brooks Brothers can top the original, but I have to say, I'm glad they're trying.

If you haven't watched MadMen, you need to put season 1 in your movie queue immediately. The weather is starting to get the point where you need new shows to get sucked into anyway.

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